April Meeting

We will meet on our usual day this month: April 20 at 2 p.m., Graves County Public Library in Mayfield. We’ll have a short lesson to help us hone our critiquing and self-editing skills, then we’ll practice those on each other. To take part in the critique portion, send your selection of up to three pages double-spaced as an attachment to this loop. Please try to send it at least a week ahead, so that we can all print it out and have time to go over it. It does NOT have to be the first three pages, and preferably it’s something you’re working on. Bring an extra copy or two to the meeting, in case someone didn’t get it printed out. We always enjoy critique sessions together, so let’s have ’em! I hope everyone can participate. But even if you can’t send us anything, come on and join the fun. It’s a time of encouraging. We’ll tell you what you’re doing right, not just what needs improvement.

Formatting your selection: it works best if you use 12-point in a plain font like Times New Roman, double space, and please, if you can, put page numbers and your name on it! No extra spaces between paragraphs, and do indent the first line of each paragraph. Thanks! We’re very forgiving if it’s not exactly this way.

See you soon!

Susan Page Davis