Sandra Robbins Inspirational Writing Award

The Sandra Robbins Inspirational Award will be given to a writer, either published or non-published, who shows the greatest promise for an inspirational or clean novel within the first chapter, or no more than the first 15 pages of an unpublished manuscript. The award is dedicated to the late Mrs. Sandra Robbins (1940-2018), multi-published and award-winning author, who was an invaluable part of the KenTen Writing Group.

Criteria for entering:
  • Can be a published OR unpublished author
  • Must be considered either Christian fiction, Inspirational fiction, or a “clean read.” No cursing, sex, etc. Any entries with such will be discarded.
  • May be romance, historical, contemporary, mystery/suspense, fantasy/speculative
  • You may enter the first chapter, or no more than 15 pages of your manuscript.
  • Only writers attending the KenTen Writers Retreat 2020 may enter.
  • Cost is $25 per entry, which can be paid by PayPal,
  • EXTENDED DEADLINE – Deadline for entry is April 15 at midnight CST.
Format for entry:
  • Please send in .doc or .docx format (Word)
  • Each entry must be formatted as follows: 1-inch margins, double-spaced, with 5-space indentions on the first line of each paragraph.
  • Do not put your name on any part of the entry.
  • Include a coversheet and a 1-2 page single spaced synopsis of the complete story.
  • Kathy Cretsinger, author and publisher, Mantle Rock Publishing LLC
  • Susan Page Davis, author
  • Pam Harris, author and editor with Mantle Rock Publishing LLC

Entries must be sent via email to Regina Merrick, Coordinator, at