Ken Ten Writers Retreat – Tues.

Yesterday was a wonderful day! We had a full day of fellowship and learning to better our craft of writing.


Alma Jones kicked off the morning with our daily devotional. She encouraged us to do all we can in every situation because we don’t know when we are part of God’s plan.



Our morning session was led by Sandra Robbins. She gave us all the tools to write a great novel. Starting with a good catchy first sentence and developing a great scene were some of the tips we touched on.


SusanOur afternoon session was led by Susan Page Davis. Susan shared with us about writing a series. She also shared her techniques for creating a series guide where information about each character and location can be kept and referred back to as needed.

In between our learning sessions, we shared in critique sessions, brainstorming sessions and above all else,  friendship building. Laughter would ring out from the huddled groups as they shared upcoming story ideas.

We ended our evening with a presentation of “All The World’s A Stagecoach”. This was a murder mystery game written by Susan Page Davis and acted out by members of the KenTen Writers group. Sheriff Roy Sanka told us over and over there would be “no shenanigans in Mulch Gulch” but still, Walter Doo had lost his life and someone among us was a murderer. After three rounds of questioning and accusing, we learned the murderer’s identity…but that identity will have to stay in Mulch Gulch.

Cast of the Play


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